Smart Electrum Lottery no 3

has gone down in history

We are pleased to announce the results of the third lottery.

The list of participants can be found at the link, 46 tickets participated in the lottery. 23 000 tokens collected in the third lottery will be designated for burn.

The total amount of tokens to be burned is 69.000 SELECT at the moment.

The draw was performed by using VFR technology from Chainlink, the link to the draw is below:

Rewards will be sent to the winners within 1 hour and from midnight you are be able to start signing up for the next edition of the lottery! Please remember that the tickets purchased in each weekly lottery have a chance of winning the grand final! Each ticket automatically qualifies for the grand final.


About Smart Electrum

Smart Electrum will be a blockchain-enabled auction hosting and trading platform with the aim of markets of making auction hosting, price comparison and online classified adverts more efficient.

There are many people which need our help in the whole world, it’s time to open a “new window to the world” for them! We will create a platform that will enable fundraising in cryptocurrencies.

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