ROADMAP 2022 — Smart Electrum

2022 will be a year that Smart Electrum explores in-depth our identity as a multi-chain platform. As part of our mission to our users’ experience on the Smart Electrum’s platform of charity and fundraising, we shall be solidifying our integration by supporting the Binance Smart Chain.

The overall perks this integration will bring to Smart Electrum users — including cheaper and speedy transactions — and the Smart Electrum Platform development in the longer run.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on Binance smart chain. It was built on an automated market maker (AMM) system, a system that completely depends on user-fuelled liquidity in order to allow crypto trades to take place. It facilitates the users to exchange or swap Smart Electrum Coin (SELECT) tokens directly, without any intermediary.

Competitive transaction fees are among the main drivers of this network’s popularity, and are a key explanation as to how PancakeSwap has attracted such an enormous community of users.

PancakeSwap also will offer SELECT investors an option to become liquidity providers. They need to deposit the invested tokens into liquidity pools in exchange for the liquidity provider (LP) tokens. In the meantime, it will be possible to give LP tokens at stake on our platform. They can later be used to reclaim the tokens that were deposited in any of the liquidity pools, along with a share of underlying PancakeSwap fees.

Therefore, we decided to focus on partnerships that will enable us to intergration to Binance Smart Chain, as well as not to split liquidity into two DEX, but to focus on ensuring the highest possible liquidity on Pancakeswap.


IQ 2022

· Refresh Branding & Homepage

· Marketing Campaing — phase 1

· Team Review

· Community Building

· Burning Tokens

· Strategic Partnerships

I/IIQ 2022

· Cross-Chain Token

· New Staking Solutions

· Marketing Campaing — phase 2

· DEX Listing

IIQ 2022

· Cross-Chain Farming Pools

· Implementation of KYC for obligated areas (Charity and Fundraising platform)

· Infrastructure Improvements

· Compliance Enhancements

· Beta Charity and Fundraising platform launch

· Marketing Campaing — phase 3

· Building brand awareness

· Integration with cryptocurrency exchange offices

· Charity and Fundraising platform launch

· Rewards & Referral Program

IIIQ 2022

· Launch Mobile App for Charity & Fundraising Platform

· Marketing Campaing — phase 4

· International Expansion

· Startup Fundraising

IV Q 2022

· Beta Energy trading platform launch

· More information is coming…


About Smart Electrum

Smart Electrum will be a blockchain-enabled auction hosting and trading platform with the aim of markets of making auction hosting, price comparison and online classified adverts more efficient.

There are many people which need our help in the whole world, it’s time to open a “new window to the world” for them! We will create a platform that will enable fundraising in cryptocurrencies.

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