Partnership — Hertzera

We are happy to welcome the Hertzera as the next partnership of upcoming charity & fundraising the platform!

Hertzera is a 20 years old Brazilian streamer. He professionally hired by the organization located here in Brazil and sponsored by RAZER. Hertzera is interested in cryptocurrencies and the world of games.

You can follow his broadcasts on platform such as Twitch, link below:

Hertzera decided that thanks to our platform, he will be able to organize many exciting collection for i.e. charity, community. He will be able to open a new way for donation from his community during streaming. It’s a time for crypto adaptation!

Welcome in the Smart Electrum’s family!


About Smart Electrum

Smart Electrum will be a blockchain-enabled auction hosting and trading platform with the aim of markets of making auction hosting, price comparison and online classified adverts more efficient.

There are many people which need our help in the whole world, it’s time to open a “new window to the world” for them! We will create a platform that will enable fundraising in cryptocurrencies.

Telegram / Telegram PL
Telegram Announcement Channel




The Moment of Power is now!

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Smart Electrum

Smart Electrum

The Moment of Power is now!

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